Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags or vacuum shrink bags are being used for the airtight packaging of food, in order to guarantee that the product quality remains optimal and to extend the storage time (shelf life). For those reasons the vacuum bags have to comply with high standards for hygiene and durability.

We supply a large variety of accessories from our stock, both for an optimal packaging efficiency and as a complementary product.

Vacuum bags consist of multiple layers of plastics (usually LDPE and nylon). The majority of our product range in vacuum bags consists of bags with 5 layers. Multiple layers contribute to the (tensile) strength, thus making them suitable for processing by machines and less prone to exterior influences like humidity.

The product range of vacuum bags and vacuum shrink-bags is available in many varieties and with several options:

  1. Tube seal
  2. Side seal on 2 sides
  3. Side seal on 3 sides
  4. Doypack
  5. Standup bag (round bottom)


    - Width: from 15 - 150 cm
    - Simple (e.g. dairy numbering) or high quality print (max. 10 colours)
    - Bags suited for cooking (cooking bags)
    - Foil / film, made to specification
    - Colored
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