Polypropylene bags

Polypropylene is light and strong, making it to an ideal raw material for packaging materials in the food industry. The applications vary from food packaging (e.g. clams, beans, peas and rice) to construction (e.g. sand and ironmongery)

Polypropylene bags are supplied in white by default. Our vast product range of polypropylene includes many product sizes, material qualities and colors.

Product groups

Our product range comprises of the following product groups:
    - Flat bags (1)            Tekening 1 nog toevoegen
    - Block-bottom bags (2)   Tekening 2 nog toevoegen
    - Valve bags (3)            Tekening 3 nog toevoegen
    - Cloth on roll (4)                 Tekening 4 nog toevoegen

These product are available in many different designs often standard from stock, including accessories such as twine, sewing thread, stretch film and slip sheets. Some common product options that apply to all four product groups:
    - Liner (in any desired thickness)
    - Gusset (side fold)br>     - Coated
    - UV-stabilized
    - Custom orders, based on customer-supplied specifications
    - Printing
    - 'Corona' treated (allows for printing with ink)

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