About TradeMax

As the packaging industry is becoming increasingly globalised, how can we synchronise local demand with international supply?

This question gave rise to the initiative of some leading European packaging specialists (see establishments) to collectively develop a logistical concept.

The answer to the question is TradeMax, a logistical and supply-related collaboration between independently operating specialists who together market an enormously wide range of packaging materials. TradeMax functions as umbrella brand, carried by an advanced multi-user order processing system: eBag.

Discover what TradeMax has to offer

The strength of TradeMax as a brand, as a logistics concept, and as an innovative way of thinking and acting, is that it offers economic and logistical benefits for all participants in the chain:

  1. The bearers of the concept, the European packaging specialists, can offer competitive delivery conditions, even for relatively small orders, as the combine their purchases by means of an automated system (eBag). This, however, will not affect personal contacts and agreements between participants.
  2. Manufacturers will see their sales potential increase significantly. TradeMax is an umbrella brand serving the entire European market. It is promoted by a growing number of nationally and regionally operating specialist companies which combine their small and large orders into one bulk order. As such, it also reduces the number of administrative and logistical operations for the manufacturer.
  3. The end user, the consumer for industrial and agricultural packaging materials, will benefit most from TradeMax, as the usual, trusted supplier has upgraded its logistical and commercial services by joining TradeMax. Essentially, this means: great expertise, a wide range of products, stable quality, fast delivery, and competitive prices.


All participants in TradeMax have their own team of packaging specialists. These specialists are advisors who have an excellent knowledge of the local, regional, or national market. This means that they can provide their agricultural and industrial customers with expert advice tailored to the customer's needs in terms of place and products.

The basic principle of the TradeMax concept is to optimize our service to industrial and agricultural consumers of packaging materials. This happens through the promotion of knowledge: TradeMax is an international network of specialists who have enormous combined knowledge of and experience in providing packaging solutions. Amongst other things this means that customers can always rely on their personal adviser.

Transport and Logistics

TradeMax evolved from the wish of a number of individual packaging specialists to synchronize the European demand with the international supply, and to diminish the distance between manufacturer and customer and thus upgrade their own role as advisor.

This resulted in the development of an innovative logistical concept, which will be promoted to the market as such – as a brand and a unique form of collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, and customers.

This collaboration has resulted in an advanced order processing system (eBag), which has as its main advantage the fact that it optimally synchronizes the logistical and stock-related processes in the supply chain.

Quality Assurance

TradeMax is a brand that will be promoted by a select number of European specialists in packaging materials, who jointly place their orders with prestigious and ambitious manufacturers all around the world.

The brand's strength is that every specialist and manufacturer can help give it shape. Any specialist in packaging materials can join at any moment, provided that they give the concept added value for instance by advising a particular market segment or region, or by enhancing the range of products as a manufacturer.

Together, the experts safeguard the strength and quality of the TradeMax brand. They do this by sharing knowledge, coming up with innovative packaging solutions, providing fast delivery, and by guaranteeing a steady and high quality of products.


Innovation is not a TradeMax goal as such. Rather, it is a process that is instigated by the customer’s needs, such as the demand for alternative products and improvement, both in terms of functionality and appearance.

But to innovate, you need knowledge. Knowledge of materials, of applications, and of the market. This is the power of TradeMax: by combining the individual knowledge and strengths of participants and manufacturers, TradeMax as a collective can dedicate itself to innovation.

As a result, TradeMax as a brand functions differently from the individual specialists, serving a supplementary purpose as a collective that provides packaging solutions rather than just materials.

Online management with eBag

eBag is the web-based control centre of the TradeMax programme. It is an advanced and comprehensive ordering system that allows manufacturers, subcontractors, carriers and users to manage and synchronise their side of the logistical and commercial process.

eBag is a multi-user tool with many advantages:

    -eBag makes the usual channels of communication obsolete
    -eBag enhances reliability
    -eBag virtually eliminates mistakes and errors in the ordering process-eBag saves time for all parties concerned
    -eBag provides real time information, 24/7