Paper bags

Paper has an enormous strength and for that reason is often used as a base material for the production of bags for the industrial and agricultural market. Some example applications are the packaging of pet food, foodstuffs, chemicals and greasy products.

TradeMax has established itself in Europe as an innovative specialist in paper bags. The consultant who combines a reliable knowledge of the raw materials with market insights and product applications. The brand that actively thinks along with its customers for marketing their end-products, we participate by means of developing innovative packaging and custom made prints

The product range of paper bags consists of four products. Their specific properties are mentioned in the list below. At the bottom of this page you can find the options in which all four products can be processed.

Product groups

Valve bags
    - Easy opening
    - Handle
    - Thermo valve
    - Inner and outer valve
    - Available starting at very small sizes

Open-mount bags
    - Barrier liner (EVOH)
    - UV coated
    - Thumblehole
    - Bottom patch in up to 4 colors
    - PE liner in different colors with Z fold on the desired place and micro perforation

SOS bags
    - Handles
    - Window

Pinched-bottom bags
    - Clay coated
    - Outside laminated with PE
    - UV coated


    - Options available for all kinds of paper bags
    - Multiple layers of paper
    - Different paper-types available
    - LDPE or HDPE liner
    - Coated
    - Greaseproof paper
    - Printed in up to 8 colors
    - Micro-perforation
    - Palletized at your request

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