Net bags are easy to handle, light, strong and can "breathe". Because of these properties, they are used in particular in agriculture and horticulture.For example, for the packaging of potatoes, onions, flower bulbs, leek and of different cabbage types.

TradeMax has its range of mesh bags divided into four product groups, each with its own specific features and applications. Each article is supplied from stock, including accessories such as custom sewing thread and fasteners:

Product Groups

Woven mesh bags (mesh size: fine, standard or open)
    - Tubular or L-seam
    - Printed
    - Equipped with label
    - Provided with holes for plug-machine

Knitted bags
    - With sewn on label, printed in up to 4 colors
    - On roll
    - With adhesive label glued on
    - Multicolor

Mono bags (bags with L or H seam) or monojapzakken (tubular)
    - With label

Band Bags
    - With label

For all product also true that they are available:

    - With or without drawstring
    - Customized and made to specification
    - In different colors (including in stock: yellow, orange, red, green and purple)
    - Different lengths and widths in stock