Natural Fiber Bags

Natural fibers, mainly jute, sisal and cotton, have been raw materials for many centuries. At present-day, these resources are still in continuous and active development because of their availability and versatility, making them into ideally suitable for custom made applications. By combining natural fibers with other materials, e.g. synthetics, jute bags can me made suitable for automated machine processing.

We keep a large stock of both used and new natural fiber bags in stock by default, inclusion accessories such as yarns. Natural fibers offer an immense range of possibilities and applications, in size and appearance.


    - Normal (1)
    - Printed in-house in up to 3 colors
    - Vegetable Oil Treated (VOT)
    - Natural fiber and full bright
    - Coated
    - Used jute and sisal bags (i.e. second hand, recycled)
    - Prepunctures holes for automated processing by machines (2)
    - With Liner
    - With Handle (3)
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