Polyethylene (PE) is a material that has a wide variety of applications. Strong, flexible, easy to process and easy to combine with other base materials. Polyethylene is a commonly used raw material in packaging, custom made to the specifications of our customers.

Plastics is a generic term for a wide range of raw materials. The most commonly used varieties are HDPE ((high density polyethylene: rustling plastic) and LDPE (low density polyethylene). TradeMax co-operates with several PE-suppliers in order to provide our customers with a product for each application.

Product groups

Our PE product groups are available in a wide range of product varieties. Some common options:

Bags (1)
    - Single pieces or on roll

Covers (2)
    - Los verpakt in dozen of op rollen
    - Heat schrink covers
    - S-covers
    - Repulsive covers

Valve bags (3)
    - Perforation
    - Non-slip embossing
    - Inner valve or outer valve
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