Laminated bags / FFS film

Laminated bags are suitable for food, feed, snacks, seeds and chemical products. They provide an innovative look to your product, that is significantly different from traditional packaging.
Thanks to the combination of different plastic films, this packaging will offer ultimate protection against external influences.
It is suitable for a filling capacity of 100 grams up to 25 kgs.

The assortment is divided in the next product groups:

- Box pouch The single lip bags provide additional marketing opportunities as these bags can be produced using different materials in the same bag. Because of the square bottom the store shelf can be fully filled and the bag will stay upright due to the special construction.
- Four-side sealbags
- FFS film

The next options are possible:

- Top zipper or front zipper (zip-lock
- Cutted handle or glued handle
- Optional folded bottom side or normal bottom
- Rounded corners
- (Micro)perforation
- Printed up to 8 colors
- Matt or Glossy